Venus in Scorpio for your Rising Sign

Venus in Scorpio is a sultry, intimately emotional Venus *cue Death Cab's I Will Possess Your Heart*. This transit is highlighting the portal of death and rebirth.

We are being asked to take a deep breath, dive underneath the murky water, and see what is there. We have an opportunity to bring transformation to the way that we connect with our selves & others in relationship, and we may be presented with uncomfortable situations in which to let some of what needs to go, go.

Remember that the goal of Venus in Scorpio is to create deep, meaningful, all encompassing connection by releasing what is not fulfilling this.

She is also playing into and allowing for emotional release around the stories that are playing out through this year's Saturn and Uranus square (in Aquarius and Taurus respectively).

Read on to learn what this transit means for your Rising sign:

Aries: Activating your eighth house, this transit is 💥 🔥 🔥. Bringing extreme intimacy into your sex life, and intensity to your deep emotions and experiences having to do with transformation. The 8th house holds grief, death, shame, as well as the Occult - practices like astrology, tarot, and mediumship are also found here. You may feel more drawn to these practices to support your self-transformation and intimacy.

Taurus: Transiting your seventh house, this Venus transit transforms and requires emotional depth from your relationships. You may be more inclined to deepen the relationships that you have, to form commitment, or to let go of where you are not receiving the love, depth, and desire that you crave.

Gemini: Gemini, this transit falls into your sixth house and is bringing you face to face with an end that you've been reluctant to accept. This loss is necessary before you can move on with your journey, and Venus in Scorpio is supporting this process of transformation and letting go. You may feel particularly drawn to creating new daily or health habits, re-committing to a mindfulness practice or generally using your daily schedule to support what you are releasing.

Cancer: Where are things out of balance in your life? Transiting through your 5th house, Venus draws you to find balance between your responsibilities and your creative, playful expression. What is excessive in your life? You may be connecting more with your inner child during this transit. This theme of balance becomes even more highlighted once the Sun moves into Libra - which is your energetic focus for the next month+. Also an emphasis here on intimacy through pleasure & expression.

Leo: In your fourth house, your attention and desire for connection falls into your family, home, and your roots. What beliefs have you taken from your family that make you feel you need defenses up with loved ones? What beliefs have you absorbed from your family or culture that has inhibited your self-love and ability to connect? This transit is highlighting these areas and the most sensitive and private reaches of yourself. Know that you are supported by your spiritual court & well ancestors and can turn to them during this transit.

Virgo: In your third house, connection is emphasized through communication, the people in your immediate surroundings (siblings, your neighborhood and town), short term travel, and a quest for understanding. This is also the house of the Goddess and of every day ritual. You're being asked to embrace patience, stability, long-term plans and the slow process of progress.

Libra: In your second house, this brings forward the themes of Venus that have to do with money. Transformation is occurring in how you value yourself and how you value what you own. Lean into curiosity and grace when you find that what you valued before is changing.

Scorpio: In your first house, this transit is asking you to deepen into the love you have for your self. This might show up in ways that you take care of your body or how you speak to and regard yourself. There is a gift here in a level of depth that you can find in the most important relationship in your life: the one with yourself.

Sagittarius: Activating your twelfth house, Venus in Scorpio digs up what has been hidden in your subconscious and realms unseen. This is a time to deeply connect with your ancestors, spiritual court, and those that've passed over - as well as a time of processing and releasing stored emotions or traumas that are ready to be released. Energy work may be particularly powerful during this time.

Capricorn: In your eleventh house, focus in brought to the communities you're apart of and to your goals and inspiration. You're being asked to tune into your heart over your head, to allow yourself to be in a liminal space of intuition, creativity, and dreams. How have you been pursuing your goals without thought toward others? You're likely already carrying some level of doubt, suspicion, or lack of focus into this transit, and Venus in Scorpio is here to guide you through this process of emotional transformation and living from the heart center.

Aquarius: Activating your tenth house, this transit draws into focus your public persona and reputation, your career, your accomplishments. You find yourself at somewhat of an impasse - this transit is giving you space to observe, review, and consider what you are releasing to create greater authenticity in your work. Venus here will be squaring Saturn traveling through your sign and opposite Uranus in Taurus and is providing a place of release while you're traveling through this identity-altering and structure-building time.

Pisces: In your ninth house, the focus of Venus is to transform and connect to your worldview, beliefs, life philosophy, and quest for mastery. Are you too focused on past experiences, on a trauma that you have defined yourself or the world around? This is a time where Venus is here to guide you through the release of what you are carrying. Tune into your sensitive and creative nature to release, express, and connect to the Love and the good that is still with you.

Sending you wishes and energy of grace, love, and healing during this transit! Feel free to drop a comment below if this resonates with you or if you want to connect!

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