gain clarity, understanding, and grow in love with your unique self

you are life/consciousness/the universe expressing and experiencing itself.

Maybe you're feeling stuck, blocked, or confused about a particular pattern in your life.

Maybe it's hard for you to see and appreciate what is uniquely you about you.

You might be in a period of massive transition and the way forward has yet to make itself known.

Or maybe you are developing your ability to honor your needs, boundaries, and desires -- but you aren't totally clear on what it is you do want.

your birth chart, as a blueprint for your soul's unique expression, carries a key to deeper self-understanding, love, and empowerment

"The most salient takeaway I have from this process is being able to see myself and all the component parts that make up how I interact in the world as perfect.

I feel much more connected with my higher self after this work. With that type of radical self-acceptance, I’ve been able to continue the digging, integrating, and healing journey because I feel safe to open up to myself."
-Mari G, Reiki Master + artist
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My comprehensive astrological consultation services range from 90 minute soul-purpose birth chart readings, to focusing on the present astro weather & how to utilize the energy to support your goals, to business readings, and more.

My work is rooted in Soul-centered esoteric and traditional astrology, with an intuitive, modern psychological application.

What this means is that we get to the heart of things while practically attuning you to your true nature + focusing on your personal evolution.

I incorporate asteroids, timing techniques, and locational astrology (astrocartography) into my readings. Strongly influenced by my knowledge and experience of the energy body + system, healing,  archetypes, holistic health coaching, all of these aspects combine together for your reading to support you in living in alignment with your most authentic Self.

“I’ve worked with Caitlin twice, for a business reading and an astrocartography reading. At first, I was deciding between the two, but the first reading was so incredible, I knew I had to go back for more.


Astrology has never really made a lot of sense to me (even though I’m a Human Design reader!), because it’s so nuanced and intricate… but Caitlin always makes it SO understandable, practical, and useful to my everyday life. 


If you’re thinking of booking with her, do it. She’s the only person I want to learn astrology from!”
-Ariana d., human design reader + entrepreneur


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Soul Purpose Birth Chart Reading
90 minutes - $350

This is for you if you want to do a deep dive into your birth chart to align yourself to your cycles, your dharma or Sacred Work, and what your soul is seeking to learn in this life.

  • learn about the overall themes of your chart

  • understand your emotional center & what brings you personal fulfillment 

  • connect to your true nature through both your gifts & your challenges

  • learn about your healing path

  • connect to your Sacred Work

  • gain practical understanding of how to utilize this info to best support your growth & goals

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*this session is conducted virtually via Zoom

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Seasonal Guidance Reading
60 minutes - $111

If you're an entrepreneur, a creative, or you're simply seeking a framework that honors natures' rhythmic cycles, this reading is for you.

In this check-in with the stars, we compare the astro-weather for the month with your birth chart to give you...

  • clarity in your current cycles

  • understanding of the upcoming energy + how it's impacting you personally

  • important dates for you during the upcoming month

  • connection to the moon's cycle throughout the month

  • practical ways to utilize the energy to best support your growth & goals

This session is available the week prior to and week of the change of astro seasons (around the 21st of each month).

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*this session is conducted virtually via Zoom

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Business Consultation Reading
60 minutes - $111

What kind of energy does your business carry and how does it want to be expressed?

How does it connect best with others?

How does it want to be creative? How does your own energy + creativity support or block this?

These are some of the questions that we can explore in this session.

This is for all of my entrepreneur babes that are committed to running their biz from a space of alignment, integrity, and flow.

In this hour, we use your birth chart and your business' chart to gain perspective and clarity around an area or function of your business.

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*this session is conducted virtually via Zoom


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