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Hi, I'm Caitlin Rose!

Or Cait, as my friends call me!

I'm an astrologer, Reiki Master, tarot reader, and wellbeing  + spirituality coach for multidimensional humans creating greater Love, Health, and Alignment in their lives.

A native Californian, I grew up in Central CA in native Yokotch lands, and now live on Kumeyaay lands, in San Diego.

I've been a student of astrology in this lifetime for over seven years, and it has given me so many beautiful gifts of knowing myself and my Self more deeply, advocating for and honoring myself, seeing and loving my uniqueness, and so much more. I started studying, and never put it down - and during that time I also became certified as a holistic nutrition life coach.


I coached for about a year before giving up all pretenses -- with literally every client I had, we always ended up getting into their birth chart & astrological timing for depth and understanding in what they were facing, as well as guidance in what would support their healing.

it started with an organic label

I could feel from the beginning that nutrition coaching was not hitting a certain box for me, that there was something deeper I desired from my work and a greater expression of my Self was asking to come forward in Service.


I wanted to support all aspects of my clients' health, not just the physical. The spiritual, the energetic, the emotional bodies all contribute to our health and to the joy and vitality we experience on a day to day.


I created of the stars holistic health to be the container of my Sacred Work.

I use multiple modalities in my work and will not hesitate to refer you to others that may be supportive for you - healing happens at many levels and we are all on this spiralic path.


Though the work can take different form, it is centered on one thing: bringing you back to your Self by creating openings and pathways for the Light to come in.


what i believe & bring into my work with you

Certifications & Expertise

❊ B.A. Sociology, Azusa Pacific University

❊ Life Coaching Certificate, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

❊ Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

❊Reiki 1, 2, and Master, Dahl Holistic Health

I honor your wholeness - the pure Self that you already are.

I wholeheartedly believe that healing is the birthright of every living being - physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

I believe that health and wellbeing - at every level - should be accessible to anyone who desires it.

I believe that your Soul came into this life for a reason - to learn specific lessons, to contribute your unique gifts, and to remember it's inherent connection to Source/the Creator/God/Goddess. You have innate knowledge and divinity.

I am a translator of the cosmos, a channel for divine healing energy, a mirror to reflect yourself, honestly, back to you, and a torch-bearer to light the path, wherever you are on this journey.

"Over the 6 months we worked together, I was opened to the perspective that changes in my energy are a normal, and even productive, part of being human. Thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that I used to pathologize and shame, I learned to see as seasons of change necessary for release and growth.

Through this process, I’ve grown more and more accepting of myself and my experiences. I’ve found radical acceptance and a depth in my relationship with myself that I hadn’t experienced in many years. I was opened up to these traits that I’ve always had, that I now understand are clear in my birth chart, and saw them through an appreciative lens.

Caitlin is informative, deeply intuitive, and generous in sharing her wisdom. She is humble even with her vast knowledge and always open to expand on questions. She is a strong woman with a gentle heart and a wise way of opening you up to your potential."

Mari G., Reiki Master + artist


Fun facts in this b*tch

❊ I'm a Gemini Sun/Aquarius Moon/Taurus Rising

❊ In human design, I'm a 3/5 Reflector

❊ I'm an enneagram 7 - and although the MBTI always scores me as an extrovert, I'm actually an ambivert

❊ My curiosity guides me - I'm usually in the middle of 3-5 books, and love staying up late learning new astrological techniques

❊ Traveling and live music are two of my greatest joys in life

❊ I used to work as a barista & making coffee is still my favorite daily ritual

Image by Karly Jones

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